Emergency Management Agency

Goals of Emergency Management

Emergency Management focuses on analysis, planning, decision-making, and the assignment of available resources to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from the effects of all hazards.

The goals of the Emergency Management are to save lives, prevent injuries, protect property and the environment.
  1. Emergency Plans

    View documents laying out the emergency plans for Converse County.

  2. Hazard Mitigation Planning

    View documents laying out the Hazard Mitigation Planning for Converse County.

  3. Local Emergency Planning Committee

    Learn more about the role the Local Emergency Planning Committee plays in keeping Converse County safe.

  4. Preparedness

    Learn more about keeping you and your family safe and being prepared for a disaster.

  5. Siren Tones

    Learn more about the emergency siren tones for Converse County.

  6. Warning Systems

    Better understand the warning system in place for Converse County.