Reserved Plate Numbers

Do you currently have a low plate number?

Customers who currently own low plate numbers will have the whole year of 2017 to renew their reserved plates. If they have not picked them up by the end of the year we will send out letters asking if they want to keep their plates.
Reserved plate numbers for Converse County are:
  • Passenger 1-2500
  • Truck 1-2500
  • Commercial 1-500
  • Commercial Trailer 1-500
  • Motorcycle 1-1000
  • MPV 1-1000
  • House 1-1000
  • Little Trailer 1-1000
  • Big Trailer 1-1000
  • Handicap 1-50

Do you want a low plate number?

Once current owners of reserved license plates have had the opportunity to register them through 2017, the Treasurer will decide if and how the unregistered low plate numbers will be dispersed to the public in 2018.

More details will be available as 2018 approaches.