Converse County, Wyoming

Converse County has many recreational opportunities

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Golf Courses

Douglas Community Club

18 Holes
Pro Shop
Douglas, WY 82633
(307) 358-5099

Tee Time: Required

9 Holes: $13.00
18 Holes: $19.00

Cart Rental:
9 Holes Half: $6.00
Full: $12.00

18 Holes Half: $9.00
Full: $18.00
(all prices + tax)

Restaurant Available

Glenrock Golf Course

Photo by Mary B. Rookstool

9 Holes
911 W Grove
Glenrock, WY 82637
(307) 436-5560

Tee Time: Not Required except holidays

9 Holes: $8.00
18 Holes: $12.00

Cart Rental:
9 Holes: $12.00

Hunting and Fishing

Converse County is a beautiful location for year round seasonal hunting and fishing. It is one of the best kept secrets! For all your hunting and fishing needs contact the Wyoming Department of Game and Fish at . There you will find applications and answers for all your hunting and fishing adventures!


Converse County is a hot spot for historical findings. There are three amazing museums for you to explore!

Glenrock Deer Creek Museum
935 W Birch
Glenrock, WY
(307) 436-2810

Paleontological Museum
The Glenrock Paleontology museum is concerned with the process of cleaning, repairing and exhibiting fossil remains. The museum was started after the discovery of a Triceratops skull just outside of Glenrock in 1994. They offer one day excursions and week long programs allowing participants to help excavate and prepare fossils.

Pioneer Museum
The Pioneer museum is located on the Wyoming State Fair Grounds. There you will find many historical artifacts and an array of Native American Indian clothing, pottery and tools; World War I and II guns and swords, and even the original bar from the LaBonte Inn dating back to 1914!

Parks and Places

Photo by Andy Clarke

Ayres Natural Bridge
No pets are allowed in the park because of health and safety issues.
Located smack dab in between Douglas and Glenrock is Ayres Natural Bridge. This massive 150 acre solid rock arch is a perfect peaceful place for picnicking.

The Oregon Trail passed through this area, and it was a haven for white settlers passing through Wyoming. Legend has it that an Indian was struck by lightning and killed while atop the bridge. After that, Native Americans would not ever go near the bridge or its surroundings. The Natural Bridge was often visited by emigrants. It was, perhaps, Wyoming's first tourist attraction. An 1843 pioneer described it as, "...a natural bridge of solid rock, over a rapid torrent, the arch being regular as tho' shaped by art...." The stream, originally known as Bridge Creek, is now called LaPrele Creek and flows through a beautiful public park surrounding the Bridge.

Contact: (307) 358-3532; open April through October

Ayres Natural Bridge Park is located 11 miles west of Douglas, WY on I-25, Exit 151 (Natural Bridge Exit), then 5 miles south on County Road 13. It is one of the few natural bridges that still has water running under it. It is in a very nice little county park .

Located just outside of Douglas is Esterbrook, which is home to many residents as well as year round visitors. Here you will find hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, skiing and camping.

Esterbrook also has a rustic log church available for weddings, if you are planning on tying the knot anytime soon. This chapel has already been a birth place to many happy marriages! Contact: Jackie Bertram at (307) 351-1165 or write to 79 Ponderosa Rd, Douglas, WY 82633 for any information. Alternate phone number contact during the winter months is: (541) 953-6818. Or Kirby Kudlak at (307) 351-4792.

Fort Fetterman
This old army outpost constructed in the 1800's, is located eight miles northwest of Douglas on State Highway 93. Currently restored, it is now the home to Fort Fetterman Day's which show cases authentic mountain men, black powder rifle enthusiasts and cavalry dress!

Glendo State Park
Located southeast of Douglas off Interstate 25, the park has 12,500 acres of land and clear waters for boaters, fishermen, skiers and swimmers! A full use marina and miles of sandy beach surround Glendo Lake for your recreational pleasure.

Laramie Peak
Located in the vast Medicine Bow National Forest in southern Converse County, Laramie Peak reaches just above 10,000 from sea level. This landmark has been home to explorers since the 1800's.

Medicine Bow National Forest
Medicine Bow National Forest provides camping, fishing, hiking and backpacking! It also offers a glimpse at wildlife such as elk, antelope, deer, and small game that abundantly populate the area!

Wyoming State Fair

Douglas is home to the Wyoming State Fair. Every year, toward the end of August, the State Fair gets underway with many fun filled activities that attract people from around the state and across the nation.

For more insight on what is happening this year at the Wyoming State Fair please visit:

Douglas Motorsports Park

One of the best drag races held by the NHRA Division 5 occurs in Douglas. Racers come from all around the country to try and qualify for the race at Douglas. This race is a great tuning place prior to the Mile High Nationals in Denver.

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