Converse County, Wyoming

Rick Grant
(307) 262-6977

Robert G. Short
(307) 267-2389

Mike Colling
(307) 277-1812

Tony Lehner
(307) 436-2208

Jim Willox
(307) 358-3551

Commissioners' Assistant: Holly Richardson
Phone Number: (307) 358-1990. If you are unable to contact Holly, please call (307) 358-2244 and ask for Lucile.

The Commissioners meet in regular session on the first Tuesday and the following Wednesday of each month, as well as on the third Tuesday. All meetings are held in the Commissioners Chambers in the Courthouse and begin at 8:00 a.m. Anyone wishing to be on the agenda should call for an appointment. The appointments are in half hour increments unless requests are made for a longer timeframe. Agendas are updated up to 12:00 p.m. on the Monday immediately preceding the regular session.

Generally, there are about three years of Commission minutes posted on the website. Anyone wishing a copy of the minutes that are not posted on the website can make a request to the County Clerk.

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